Peer-to-Peer Trading Mistakes to Avoid on Binance

Binance Crypto Exchange

Peer-to-peer crypto trading on Binance facilitates it endusers to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. On peer-to-peer platforms like Binance, sellers and buyers are allowed to craft, post, and search ads and listings for numerous crypto assets. Sellers on this platform set their own demand, while purchasers browse various options to track down the most competitive costs. Furthermore, numerous peer-to-peer exchanges support flexible payment gateways like purchasing and selling Binance crypto with cash, which raise access for the individuals who don’t have a bank account or credit/debit card. Hence these are the main reasons why this medium of trading can be suitable for you. Although, there are a couple of things to remember to keep away from tricks and guarantee your P2P experience is free from any fraudulent activity or harm.

Here are some common mistakes explained often made by the traders. Read on to avoid these mistakes for successful future endeavors.

Know potential risks before you start to trade


In a case that something sounds too good to be true then there is some scam in it. Deceitful hackers and traders frequently attempt to draw in new traders by posting digital currency postings and advertisements with irrationally low costs. On Binance crypto exchange you can continuously check the vendor’s feedback and the number of trades they made previously to check the credibility.

First-time traders should attain some knowledge before they begin purchasing and selling crypto on peer-to-peer trading platforms. There is quality learning material available on Binance that can help you to understand best approaches to purchase and sell crypto and how to spot advanced fraud plans. Equipping yourself with information is simply the most ideal approach to shield from scammers.

  1. Never release escrow until payment is confirmed

In case you’re selling Binance crypto assets, it’s important to confirm that you’ve received agreed payment prior to releasing your assets. Scam purchasers may attempt to compel you to confirm their asset, send you false “Payment Confirmed” screen shots, or mark their transaction as “paid”. Continuously check your wallet or bank account to guarantee funds went through prior to delivering escrow.

To safeguard trades, Binance P2P‘s escrow organization allows either assembling to progress unsatisfactory trades. In such a case, the Binance Customer Support gathering will step in to ensure trades are coordinated sensibly.

  1. Avoid all offers to communicate or settle payments via third party platforms

Scammers often try to move conversation from the crypto exchange you are using. They may claim that it’s easier to browse messages via email, text, or other applications, or considerably offer a rebate for sending payment outside of the crypto exchange you are using. It is really important to keep record of your conversations so that platforms like Binance exchange can step in the event that you have issues with the trade. Your trade won’t be secured if you choose to send or receive payment outside the platform. Always transfer money and crypto assets directly within your P2P platform of choice.

  1. Take your listings offline when you’re unavailable or on vacation

If you are a seller with ads and active listings, then you should get them offline when they are not available to trade. If not, then the buyers may try to appeal the transaction if funds are not settled in a timely manner. You can take all listings offline for one hour if you plan to resume trading shortly.

Is Binance Safe for Peer-To-Peer Trading?


Binance peer-to-peer trading or decentralized model is one of the simple and more suitable approaches of crypto trading. It is observed that many users on Binance especially the verified merchants, earn a respectable income from peer-to-peer trading.

Like on any other platform, security remains Binance’s priority as the platform regularly enhances P2P trading experience and eliminates bad performing traders. Here’s a rundown of measures the platform implements:

  • Binance exchange provides 24/7 customer support to address user inquiries promptly.
  • The Binance Chat Support connects users to agents to address any
  • The platform possesses a dedicated team dedicated for merchants
  • Binance conduct in-depth routine checks and remove suspicious offers to ensure your safety.
  • Binance “filter ads” function lets user hide all non-Merchant vendors, assuring you’ll trade only with verified Merchants.

There is no exact approach or strategy to protect yourself against scammers and hackers completely, but you can significantly increase your chances of resisting such attacks by staying aware and educated.

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